Removing Snow in Toronto since 1984

Basic Snow Removal Service
If you do not have our No Mimimum services, Rosedale Snow Removal will service your property after the accumulation of 1 inch or more of snow, if you need more complete coverage, please consider our No Miminum package.

No Minimum Service
Additional visits to location to take care of the many small snowfalls of less than one inch accumulation. Your property would be cleared of all snow at the completion of every snowfall over a trace of accumulation

Priority Service
This option will place your property near the start of a route. If you're looking for the quickest service possible, this is what you want - combine this with our No-Minimum service for complete coverage, and you'll never have to shovel this winter at all!

Salting Services
We only use an environment and pet friendly salt-substitute if you desire. We have packages for occasional de-icing, de-icing every time, or de-icing only when there is freezing rain. Call us for details!

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